Watches have so much importance in our lives. Here is a story shared with me by a good friend, Wayne: Wayne on his watch: “The original Vietnam Seawolf band was in sad shape. It was stretched out and scratched up. (I wore this watch every day, 24/7 during my service in the Marine Corps and for a year or so after, so it took a lot of punishment). I purchased bits and pieces of three or four bands to use the parts to repair my original band. I refinished the surface to look like new, but it is still stretched out. I now have a few better Seawolf bands on other watches, but want to keep the original band on the Vietnam watch.

This restoration experience taught me to be more carful with my watches. If I am doing yard work or working around the house, I leave my Swiss-Made Automatic on the shelf and wear a Timex with a Speidel expansion band. I can get a new Timex at Wal-Mart!

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