Our Long Standing Family Business

Welcome to Paul’s Watch Repair! I am Raimond Irimescu and together with my father, Paul we own and operate “Pauls Watch Repair”. Our family business has been around for over 100 years. Our name speaks for itself of what we do. My father Paul has been working on watches & clocks since he was eight and now has fifty five years of experience. I have been a watch dealer and watch repairman full time for fourteen years. I began learning watch & clock repairs twenty nine years ago, at the age of eleven. We are experienced, knowledgeable and fair in what we do.


Our History

Our business began in a small town in the Northern part of Romania more than 100 years ago. My great-grandfather first learned this trade in Europe and ran a small watch and clock repair shop out of his home. His knowledge and skills were passed on to my grandfather, Trifon Irimescu. He continued the trade and worked his entire life as a watchmaker. My father Paul was brought up from a very young age learning watch and clock repairs. Knowing how to fully repair timepieces by the age of eight prompted my father to leave school after the 7th grade to begin working full time with my grandfather. In those times it was normal for a young man to help earn money for his household.

From that time on my father and grandfather worked together in one shop. Later on my father opened a second shop in Romania before coming to the United States in 1987. When we came here my grandfather retired from full-time watch repairing but continued working on watch and clock projects until his dying days. Shortly after our arrival to the United States my father opened his first shop here under the name of Paul’s Watch & Clock Repair. He worked for a couple of watch shops in Sacramento before opening his own shop.

We have been in business in the Sacramento area since 1989 and we are presently located at 2601 Marconi Ave. I was brought up learning this trade from my father very early in life. When I was about 11 years old I began repairing Timex watches. As I grew up I tried different lines of work. Throughout the years I spent more time learning from my father and working with him on a part-time basis. Fourteen years ago I joined my father full time and am also 50% owner of the business.








We Value Our Customers

We are a father and son team with over 69 years of combined experience in repairing, restoring, and maintaining watches and clocks. We work on antique, vintage, & modern timepieces. We also love to buy & sell watches.

We have been in business for four generations, longer than many watch manufacturers have been around. It all started in Romania over 100 years ago by my great-grandfather. In 1989 after being in the United States for 2 years my father Paul was able to open a shop under the name of “Pauls Watch & Clock Repair”. My father and grandfather did watch & clock repairs their entire lives.

We want to become your number one source for anything that has to do with timekeeping by continuing our family tradition of maintaining, repairing, and restoring timepieces. We look forward to helping you find the right watch, restore your family heirloom, maintain the watch you enjoy daily, or simply share with you the knowledge we have accumulated over the years.

We offer a full one year warranty on any watch purchased from us or repaired by us in our shop. Our warranty is always transferable to the new owner which is an extra added benefit that many companies do not offer. In some cases brand new watches purchased through our website come with a longer manufacturer warranty.


We warranty all of our work and sales for one full year after you receive your timepiece.

We have over 69 years of experience as watchmakers. We understand how to get your timepiece working properly and you can rest assured we take our service seriously because we have a passion for what we do as experienced professional watchmakers.

We know watches! We know the industry very well traveling over Europe and the USA to hundreds of watch shows, and having sold and repaired well over 100,000 watches just in the last 15 years alone. We know the value of watches and we understand what watch enthusiasts and collectors alike are looking for.

We are very fair in our pricing. We understand that timepieces are valuable in their own right, but we know that watches need special care. Keep them running right and on time. We believe in fair prices for sales and repairs.