Paul’s Watch Services: Partial Repairs

Partial Repairs

New Sleeve
$35 - $45
New Mainspring
$55 - $75 | $100 - 200
New Balance Staff
$75 | $125
Repair or Replace Canon Pinion
$35 | $50 - $150
Recoil Bent Hairsprings
$35 & up
Waterproof Pressure Test
Polish & Clean Acrylic Crystal
Polish & Clean Rings or Other Jewelry of any Metal


Verbal Appraisal
Verbal Authentication
Verbal Appraisal - Extensive
(Opening, Dating, etc...)
Written Appraisal
(Full Report for Insurance)
Verbal Authentication - Extensive
(Opening Rolex for Buyer & Seller)
Removing Links
New Spring-bars Installed
Repairing 1 Link
$5 - $10
including pin or tube & pin
Repairing Clasps or Links w/extra Labor time
Polishing Case and Bracelet
$75 | $150 - $250
(usually included with overhaul service)
Replacing Rubber Gasket Case Back or Crown
(usually included with overhaul service)
Removing Lint off Dial or Moisture under Crystal
$10 - $25
(usually included with overhaul service)
Dial Refinishing
$100 - $200
Case and/or Case & Bracelet Replating
$100 - $200
Restoring Hands
$15 - $20 (each)
Replace Hands
$10 - $20 (each)
Rolex, Omega, & other Authentic Hands
Depends on Brand
Bezel Inserts
$50 (each)
Bezel Inserts
$100 (each)
(Rolex Tag Heuer, Omega...)

Sorry, We Do Not Work on the Following

Music Boxes of any kind
Electric Watches (Example: Vintage Hamilton Electric)
Any Electric Plug in Corded Clock
Replica Watches
Chain Driven Fusee Watches
Character Vintage Mechanical Watches with no Jewels
Dollar Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watches with no Jewels
Timex Vintage Mechanical Watches with no Jewels
Russian Vintage Mechanical Watches
Chinese Vintage or Modern Mechanical Watches
Modern "Smart" Watches

Paul’s Watch Repair Disclaimer

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Prices are subject to change with or without notice. Any items left in our shop over 30 days will be treated as abandoned and sold at auction. No recompense will be made to owner. Discounts on repairs are done solely at our discretion and are never binding regardless of volume of work. New clients repairs must be paid for before items are mailed back. New clients must pay 50% deposit before commencing work on any repairs over $500. Minimum Hourly rate is $100. There are many variables on watches thus this price list is an estimate only and is not binding to either party. Prices may vary and may be quoted lower or higher than the price list once we see the timepiece in hand. We understand that some time pieces may not be worth doing if compared to current market values, we however have to charge for our knowledge, time, and parts. Most repairs come with one year warranty unless otherwise specified before hand. Estimates are usually done on the spot for walk in customers. Mail in repairs may take up to 3 days from the time of arrival in our shop for an estimate. All estimates are free and come with no obligation. For mail in repairs returned shipping costs will be assessed weather or not work is accepted or declined.