Paul’s Watch Services: Overhaul Service

Complete Overhaul Service Includes

  • Complete Disassembly of Watch and Movement
  • Careful Inspection of all Components
  • Cleaning every part
    • Individually by hand
    • In an ultrasonic cleaning machine
    • Sometimes both
  • Reassembly of Movement, Oiling of Jewels, & Calibration of timing mechanism
  • Adjust timing for best accuracy possible
  • Cleaning, Polishing, and Refinishing of Case, Band (if metal), and Crystal (if plastic)
  • Light cleaning of the dial and hands without removal of original finish
  • Plastic crystals are polished and in most cases all scratches are removed
  • Glass crystals are only cleaned – scratches cannot be removed

*Parts Not Included – Additional charges apply if rust is present on movement or if the case and band need deeper buffing or repair

*Quartz – electronic or electric watches include a new battery

*There are differences in service of a watch to a clock, mechanical to a battery, but the general idea is the same

All Complete Overhaul Services come with a 1 year service warranty