Rolex Daytona 16519 White Mother Of Pearl Diamond Dial Zenith – HQ Exchange Part


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For sale is a rare Rolex Daytona white Mother Of Pearl diamond dial for references 16519 (Zenith calibers). This is a Rolex Headquarters exchange dial only. The dial is an authentic Rolex dial not modified nor touched up in any way. The dial is used but in excellent condition. With an eye loupe in certain lighting conditions at an angle you may barely see some fine surface scuffs that may just be natural marks. Also there is a very small imperfection on the edge between the “17”-“19” minute marks. This is not visible when installed. It measures approximately 28.6 mm in diameter with dial feet close to “8”, and “1”. The numerals are applied in white gold with diamonds.

This dial will fit the Rolex Daytonas that use the Zenith movement, made between years 1988 to 2000. Those are usually a 5 digit reference. In 2000 they switched to a 6 digit reference (the 116520). The dial will fit the caliber 4030. It will not fit the caliber 4131 movement which is a Rolex full in house movement. This dial was made for 3 years only and Rolex is out of these. Its counterpart with yellow markers was made for 20 years. This is a hard dial to find and will only get harder. Free shipping worldwide.


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